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Yamazaki distillery in summer.


Summer has arrived in Yamasaki on the outskirts of Kyoto this year. The contrast between green of summer sky blue and bamboo grove is also a vivid season of the eye.


I asked the tour guide of Yamazaki distillery about the attractions of the summer distillery.


"The garden spreading out from the storehouse is a spot where many customers cheerfully, trees and flowers growing around the pond with pure water, the light of the water surface reflects to the green and fluctuates Like shaking is cool for the eyes.


There are original summer landscapes of Japan that can not be seen in the town, and there seem to be many people who have nostalgia like visiting the relatives' houses in the country. Customers abroad also take photographs with enthusiasm for memories of the trip. "



Single malt whiskey Yamazaki will deepen delicate and heavy taste over a long period of time while being held in the transition of the four seasons in Japan