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Do you know why "single malt whiskey Yamazaki" is named "Yamazaki"?


It is derived from the name of the land where Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii built the oldest malt whiskey distillery in Japan. The road to the distillery construction started with Shinjiro's passionate enthusiasm.


"I want to make Japanese whiskey that boasts of the world with Japanese hands"


A good sake produces good water, and Shinjiro's conviction that good aging can not exist without a good natural environment, with the desire to create whiskey that seems to be Japanese in a climate like Japan, to make a utopia of whiskey making Shinjiro sought.


It was the place called Yamazaki, located about 17 kilometers southwest from the center of Kyoto. In 1923, Yamazaki distillery was opened in this area.


Yamazaki is famous as the place where Hideyoshi's Hideyoshi broke Akechi Mitsuhide "The Battle of Yamazaki" (Tennozan Battle) was held in Tensho Decade (1582). In addition, it is said that Sen no ryo held a tea room "Ita-an" (national treasure) in this area, tea was brewed in Hideyoshi with famous water of Yamazaki, and made a tea ceremony.



In addition, Yamazaki is in a place where the Mikawa of Katsuragawa · Uji River · Kizu River joins, humid climate which fog easily occurs. The climate creates an environment suitable for aging whiskey.