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Even if I do not leave Waikiki, I am happy to be able to play on this beautiful beach 







See the Sunrise at Haleakala

If you need freezing temperatures—and, why not, a great view—to make it feel like winter in Hawaii, make the two-hour drive to the Haleakala Visitor Center on Maui. At 9,740 feet, the temperature at dawn is regularly below freezing. At the very least, it’s about 30 degrees colder here than at sea level, so layer up. In winter, the sun rises as late as 6:55 a.m. And Haleakala never disappoints: The colors in the sky are breathtaking. FYI, you need to make sunrise viewing reservations online, 60 days in advance of your visit,







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back number - 「クリスマスソング」Music Video
































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