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Island of Hawaii Anaejo Omar Beach.
Looking from the side, it looks like a peninsula, but on the right side is an old fish pond, the sea is on the left side.










Understanding that each participant has unique physical abilities, the Intensive will also incorporate hydration techniques and strategies, as well as recovery methods such as myofascial release. To speed up the physical recovery process, the Intensive will also offer a Spa Wet Ritual at the end of each daily session at Hiʻilani Spa, The Lodge at Kukuiʻula’s extensive on-site wellness complex.






So Close (feat. Georgia Ku)

So Close (feat. Georgia Ku)

  • NOTD, フェリックス・ジェーン & Captain Cuts
  • ダンス
  • ¥250
  • provided courtesy of iTunes












NOTD, Felix Jaehn - So Close (ft. Georgia Ku & Captain Cuts)






























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